Novacâmbios Website

Novacâmbios came to the Spark Group for an informative and easy-to-use website that could cater to a global audience and assist the company as they globalize their brand and enter new markets.


IMTC Event Application

The IMTC was looking for a way to revolutionize the conference experience; providing its participants with the most important information, right at their fingertips. The IMTC application gave everyone just that.


Shumba Money Branding

The Spark Group assisted Shumba Money in finding its name and brand identity. "Shumba Money" both attracts its niche market, and allows for global expansion.


Huertas Website

The Spark Group partnered with Huertas (a Manhattan restaurant inspired by the cuisine of northern Spain) to create a website that was as yummy and appealing as its food. Open wide!


AML Experts Website


Pontual Website Development

Pontual Money Transfer needed a website that was a well-oiled machine, ready to serve the needs of its various customer bases. And so, The Spark Group stepped in.


IMTC Sponsorship Kit

A sponsorship and exhibitor package that excites its readers about the possibilities that come with an IMTC sponsorship, and helps them spring into action.



Digicel was makin' some serious moves. They came to us so that we could help them keep movin' and groovin'.


S’MAC Display Advertising

Display advertising campaigns designed to whet a New Yorker's appetite.

Shumba Money Video

Shumba Money Video

An introductory video produced to capture visitors and significantly reduce bounce rate. How's that for a powerful ROAR?

Info thumb-01

IMTC Infographic on US-MEX Remittances

Sometimes, a visual is worth 10,000 words.



A site designed to pique interest, strengthen the brand, and generate high-quality leads.


AML Experts Branding

Revamped branding that encapsulates the company, and resonates with its audience.


Castle Hill Retreats Display

Targeted ads, served on targeted sites, to local users, with strong calls-to-action.



Voice, narrative, graphics, voice over, and music that truly encapsulated and described the KINEKTR brand.


IMTC Data Visualization

We made heavy data easy to digest and set it free. This resulted in 250+ sources picking up the data to share with their readers. Goal reached.


IPA Branding

Your logo is a reflection of your brand. Make sure its sending the right message.


KINEKTR Branding

The Spark Group worked with KINEKTR to develop a strong and memorable brand identity. And with that came all of the additional marketing collateral to support their newly developed brand.


Castle Hill Retreats Website

Rich history. Literary genius. Fine wine. A luxurious site built for an equally luxurious event.


TSG Signature Cocktails

Our main goal is to make our clients- and their customers- happy. Our talent does half the job, the rest we leave up to our slurp-a-licious signature cocktails.


TEV Website

Get the people what they want: easy access to what their favorite neighborhood is all about.


TSG Infographic

"If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world."


IMTC Search Engine Marketing

A paid search initiative that brought in new leads through targeted keyword selection.


IMTC Display Remarketing

Return to the site. Return on investment. Targeted advertising done right.



Using some serious data and market research, we developed a head-to-toe, arm-to-leg, hokey-to-pokey integrated campaign for CommerceGate.


Remit Synergy Video

We explained what Remit Synergy was all about. We made it simple, informative, and to the point.


Remit Synergy Website

Remit Synergy needed a way to showcase its impressive services and global reach. The Spark Group created a website that did all that. And more.


Come on in!


Mohr World Consulting Branding

Mohr World Consulting knew it was time for a branding revamp. So a revamp is what we gave them.


Kabbani Associates Website

Kabbani Associates needed a website that was simple and to the point. They wanted prospects and clients to understand their mission, values, and services. So they came to us.


MTMD Website

The Spark Group created a website to act as the central hub of all MTMD information. Community projects are currently underway in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Vietnam.


Pardon My French Website

The Spark Group gave a prominent NYC artist a way to broadcast her thoughts anonymously, publicly, and beautifully.


Viajes a La Poesia Display Advertising

Display Advertising & Remarketing to build awareness and push interested users down the purchasing funnel and all the way to Chile.


MTMD Creation

MTMD came about through one common goal shared by IMTC and The Spark Group: to empower the communities Money Transfer customers call home.


MTMD Branding

MTMD required complete branding, from the name, logo, color palette and tone.


ILI Website

A team that teaches about leadership, must have a website that embodies what leadership truly is.


ILI Branding

The Spark Group established a branding personality and color palette that would expose the core personality of the ILI brand.


DG Consultants Website

We created a website for DG Consultants that was simple and easy to navigate. And that simultaneously demonstrated the complexity of their craft and the experience of their team.


DG Consultants Branding

DG Consultants, needed a name. And a voice. We gave them both and a bag of chips (buffalo flavored).